Here’s a great piece on experiential marketing from MyCustomer. I enjoyed reading it, and although I have some reservations about the points it raises, I do believe there are some strong arguments in the piece for more XM being embraced by marketers worldwide. Here’s a choice quote:

The idea behind EM is to bring the brand ‘face to face’ with customers to demonstrate brand values and build customer expectation – it is this face to face demonstration that makes it a child of FM. EM techniques strive to forge deeper emotional connection with targeted groups and individuals by use multi-sensory stimulation. They include events, product placement, brand spaces, education classes and ultimately opportunities for customer co-creating. This is where it points the way to the future of customer experience.

What EM is not, and has been much mistaken for, is product promotion with entertainment thrown on top. Dressing sampling staff up as drag queens to sell more bleach, as one company did, is amplified product promotion, it is not experiential marketing, ie. demonstrating brand values!!

Good stuff. Enjoy the read.

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