Bombay Beautiful

I’ve arrived in Bombay, aka Mumbai, after a pleasant 32-hour sojourn via London and New Delhi, and although I should be passing out right now, I simply can’t. A quick walk around the hotel in this teeming and sultry city has got me juiced.

I’m a good traveler. Rather, I think myself good at adaptation and superficial assimilation with cultures other than my own.

I was born in Russia and emigrated to the US when I was a boy. I’ve taken courses in London and found myself on a Eurorail train all too often. I did a Peace Corps stint in Chad, Africa for far too long. And between Venezuela, Jamaica, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay I had that hemisphere covered.


But Bombay has got me spinning. More importantly, it has been extremely welcoming. I’m here to research my next book, and the folks here who are helping me have been extraordinary. I am set to meet with COO Kaushik Mukherji and his team at Hungama. (What an amazing company!) I will also be meeting with Yashesh Shethia at Chlorophyll (again, a top concern). And Bobby Pawar, the head creative at Mudra, has promised me many drinks at his favorite bar. What more can a guy ask for?

The hospitality and warmth and aid that has already been given me is heartwarming. I hope to learn and take in, but more importantly, experience. I know that there is much to learn here. What a chapter in the book this will be.


  1. Wow, that’s so interesting. A world that I have no idea about. It’s a huge market place over there.
    I lived in Africa as a child and I believe that Africa will one day rise up. India is already so much further. This trip must be amazing to you, especially from your professional background.
    Cheers, Hans

  2. Hey, I’m going to Mumbai in January to speak at a conference, so I’m looking forward to picking your brain when you get back! Have a great trip!

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