Check out this little article about strippers and the dynamic way they get money out of guys’ wallets. I’m no prude. I dig strippers. But I never thought of the strip bar as an incubator for great marketing (I thought it an incubator for more unseemly things). But hey, true knowledge comes from the most unlikely places.

According to this article, the future of rich content and content delivery is beginning to take shape, as Joost inks an unprecedented deal with Viacom’s VH1:

…the Viacom-owned channel will premiere the entire season of its new scripted comedy series “I Hate My 30s” exclusively on the upstart Internet TV service on July 16 — 10 days ahead of the series’ broadcast premiere.

…In landing “I Hate My 30s,” Joost is elbowing for position among the growing pack of digital platforms such as Apple’s iTunes and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox striking exclusive content deals. For Viacom, the deal indicates the continuation of its digital distribution strategy that involves neither Google’s YouTube, which it targeted with a $1 billion lawsuit in February, nor the upcoming joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp.


Joost also has made deals with Warner Music Group, Turner Broadcasting and Sony Pictures Television and will be part of the CBS Interactive Audience Network set to launch this summer.

Booze brands are certainly getting the consumer evangelist revolution. The latest Smirnoff campaign, according to this article, is launching a campaign that sees Smirnoff searching for 10 people from across the world to represent its brand and retrace the heritage of the vodka.

The group, dubbed The Smirnoff Ten, will travel together for one year in a journey that each team member will document through short films, blogs, photos and other media. The content will appear on and other Web sites, including YouTube, which will house a Smirnoff-branded channel featuring the group and its travels. The content will also appear in TV, radio and print ads.

Another alcohol brand, Chivas Regal, has run a similar program for the last three years.

It searches each year for two brand ambassadors that it pays $100,000 to act as international representatives to travel the world and document their experiences, all in the name of the well-known Scotch whisky. The experiences are documented and posted online at In a recent development, Chivas Regal launched an online channel, hosted by, that was inspired by The Chivas Life Ambassadors search.

Wait a second. Perhaps all three of these stories are linked. Strippers, TV and booze. I see a hit!

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  1. Maybe brands start paying individuals a decent amount of money to get tattoos of logos with quick messages done on and key and more visible body parts!! 😉
    Taking stripper marketing a step forward!?

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