North Face — the company that espouses the great outdoors and man’s urge to commune with it — is pushing the notion of eco-friendliness in a big way. Or rather, it’s founder is. According to this article, Douglas Tompkins is not only talking eco-responsiibility, he’s using his own bank account to do something about it:

Douglas Tompkins, founder of the North Face and Esprit clothing lines, is buying up large tracts of land in Argentina to protect it from “industrialized agriculture [that] is chewing up big chunks of Argentina’s fragile marshland and savanna.”

Tompkin first began buying up land in Southern Chile with the intention of one day turning it over to the government as nature preserves. He now owns well over 1 million acres in Chile and Argentina.

Of course, environment-friendly marketing and products are becoming the rage. And the consumer’s drive for better planetary citizenship is translating into good business sense.

This recent article in Marketing Daily points out the windfall:

According to a new study by Deloitte Consulting for the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association, sustainability is not a passing nod to the current wave of environmentalism that’s coursing through consumers’ hearts and wallets.

More than appeasing consumers, marketers and retailers are looking for ways to reduce costs and assure availability of key commodities. “What we heard as part of the research was that ‘consumer needs’ was not yet the primary driver of sustainability initiatives for consumer product companies, although this is starting to change,” says Peter Capozucca, a principal with Deloitte Consulting and co-author of the study.

We’re entering a new world of corporate responsibility, and environmentally-friendly campaigns (and business practices) will be at the forefront. It’s time to think globally and act locally. Good to see that companies are taking this message to heart.

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