So here’s a tale of two license agreements for non-beauty brands traipsing into the good smelling aisles in Target, Wal-Mart and a dozen more chains around the country.

The first is from Pepsi’s Aquafina brand. From Brandweek:

Aquafina is thirsting to “Make your body happy” in a whole new way. The PepsiCo-owned bottled water brand will flow from the beverage aisle into the health & beauty segment with Aquafina Advanced Hydration RX, a 10-SKU skincare line from licensee Added Extras.

The lineup, which will include a foaming cleanser, a clarifying toner and a facial scrub, will launch at retail, drug chains and mass merchants in August. Support will include print, Internet and exposure at trendy events.

Now here’s another example of a brand getting the frilly, good-smelling treatment. From MediaPost:

Ford is boosting its licensing program this year with a deal to put the Mustang name on a new fragrance from Estee Lauder’s Aramis brand. The Mustang fragrance will launch in Sears, Wal-Mart and Kohl’s department stores, and will move to mass market chains later.

National ads will appear in fall lifestyle and auto books as well as in Ford’s employee magazine and at Nascar races.

Now, I ask you good reader: what’s the same and what is different with these two programs? Surely, their roll-out marketing campaigns are similar, and both brands are wise to look beyond their core offering to make themselves more “experiential” or experience-based. This is good (to great) brand marketing.

But what are the differences? Or rather, what is the biggest difference? I won’t give too much away, but in answering this question you will discover the brand marketing insight that all successful companies will need to embrace, internalize and emanate.

Which campaign wins? Which one loses? You decide.

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