Cost per touch, that controversial measurement tool, is being used by 47.4% of respondents to a recent survey.

Even so, another 52.6% said that they have never used it, according to the study by The Experiential Marketing Forum.

The study also found:

* More than a quarter of respondents (26.4%) said that 50% of their clients are moving toward investing more of their ad budgets in experiential marketing campaigns.

* 27.5% consider $10 or more an acceptable CPT for a live brand experience, while only 9.8% of their clients agree.

* When asked about CPT for online and virtual experiences, 47.9% think an acceptable cost is less than $1, and 58.3% said their clients would agree on that figure.

* 50% of respondents said the average CPT for their experiential marketing campaigns, both live and online, is $1 – $ 2 with 25% responding for each figure.

* 87.3% believe the number of available media outlets and marketing tactics are outpacing the industry’s ability to truly measure effectiveness.

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    Can you sen me an autographed copy of your new book? I am a big fan

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