How cool is this? Promo Magazine reports in this article that Pepsi is getting on the consumer-generated bandwagon with “an online contest that asks people to design a new look for its cans.


The effort is part of Pepsi’s ongoing campaign, in which it changes the look of the can 35 times this year. The promotion is designed to reach younger customers with a flair for creative and an affinity for the brand….The top vote-getter will receive $10,000 and have his or her winning design featured on 500 million cans nationwide.”

The idea is nothing new. Shoe companies I think have perfected the art of specialty design and celebrity endorsement. What amazes me is the sheer numbers involved: 500 million cans! That’s a lot to go on the lines. I wonder if Pepsi takes it one step further and uses the winnign designs on their trucks and POS. Now that would be awesome.

In the meantime, Coke is still figuring out how to capitalize on that Mentos thing. Too late, friends. Too late.

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