This piece of work is sheer genius, pure madness, and a clear commercialization of politics. It is the first of many forthcoming homages to the fetish of the brand, and the notion that either marketers are better politicians, or politicians are better marketers. I am both inspired and frightened by this work, and that makes me very excited.


  1. I have seen this ad before, for a non-political product. They have just changed the soundtrack and the face on the screen.
    I can’t pin down the original though. Can you help me, or I won’t sleep tonight… 😉

  2. Doh!
    It was Apple, of course…. Sorry, tough night yesterday.

  3. Hi! this video is popping up everywhere and that makes it, like you said, both inspiring and frightening.
    Personally, it makes me want to fast-forward a couple of months. Not because I’m politically challenged, but because I want to move straight to the positive and proactive campaigns, leaving behind the silly, negative, “you-did, I-did” kinds of things.
    Hopefully we’ll see smarter things this upcoming election. Will the Dems really play up to what they’ve been rambling about? We’ll see.
    Ron E.

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