Clients, colleagues and bartenders often ask what the future of marketing looks like. I often have elliptical and varied answers, depending on the client, colleague or bartender. I have so many opinions, I wrote a book about them. (Sorry for the shameless plug.) But I hope this post gives us a more solid and tangible glimpse into the future of marketing.

First, this story from the NYT: Red Bull’s Headlong Frozen Dash Is a Crash Course in Marketing.

In addition to sponsoring sports, athletes and teams like the Red Bulls of Major League Soccer, the Red Bull company has created new sports, ostensibly to sell more energy drinks. One of them–Crashed Ice–is a cross between hockey and snowboard, in which three racers at a time, dressed in hockey equipment, whip down what looks like a large bobsled run.

The second is this from the WSJ (sub. required): Why Advertising’s Cavemen Are Going Totally Hollyrock.

Walt Disney Co.’s ABC will pay for the production of a pilot for a show about a trio of prehistoric characters–based on Geico’s cavemen characters–who battle prejudice in modern-day Atlanta. There’s no script or cast yet, but plans call for the comedy to be titled “Cavemen.”

And let’s not neglect this story: Scion’s Web-Based Pre-Launch Scorns Tradition.

TOYOTA’S SCION DIVISION IS RUNNING a pre-launch campaign for its forthcoming 2008 xB, but it doesn’t include TV or print. In some ways, it is as much about a multi-layer Web site as it is about the vehicle itself.

See what I mean? The future.

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