Stagecoach Derailed

It is well-known that I have mad love for Adrants. So it’s surprising the Adranters have picked on Stagecoach Island. I mean, this is the campaign that practically started the Second Life gold rush. It’s obvious that the real-world manifestation which Adrants writes about — and the co-opting of the concept of virtual worlds — just doesn’t stack up to the original. I guess the Wells Fargo marketers had a fairly straight line of thinking: “Hey, let’s lift the Second Life title, give it a silly music angle, and unleash it as a consumer promo!” Yeah? Bad idea. Stagecoach Island is bigger than this. It is better than this. And Adrants knows it.


  1. erik hauser · · Reply

    thanks max! We just have to chuckle at it. Looks like the once reliable source has been turned over to the interns. Can’t argue with stupid.:) I think the only thing to really take away from this is that Wells actually responded with a very good response. They thought that people should know how well the program has performed. It appears that the writers are also the ones approving the comments. Their response is nowhere to be found. I wrote a letter to Steve asking him if he was the new FOX “fair and balanced” source for info. I thought that I tok enough abuse from you.:)

  2. Tim Collins - Wells Fargo · · Reply

    Thanks for the support Max. After 18 months, SI is still going strong, with more users, longer sessions in world, and a boatload of virtual millionaires.

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