I just love this story!

AdPulp points out that popualr blogs like and Seth Godin’s blog do not allow for comments. Yes, that’s right. These bloggers — who presumably are auguring in a new two-way form of communication — don’t like one of the ways, namely, the one where you and me get to tell them to screw themselves. I guess they are too thin-skinned for it…or just part of the old guard who hold on to the notion that experts deserve a pulpit and damn the dirty masses.

Well, an iconoclastic spirit has come up with the solution. In the instance of Kottke, he has launched, a site that is exactly like the original Kottke, but with the comments turned on! Brilliant! Here’s how it works:

We suck down the RSS feeds from (published under a Creative Commons license that allows us to create derivative works) and republish them here, then use our own software to manage the comments. We use TypeKey for comment authentication to minimize spam.

So, even if you’re scared of a little conversation, we can mae you talk anyway. And by the way, as Tom Asacker points out, the follwoing URLs are still available:

Hurry now!

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  1. Spectacular! My father always said it best. “If you’re gonna talk the talk, boy, you better walk the walk!”

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