Here’s an interesting promotion described in PROMO Magazine for HBO’s original series Rome:


HBO is giving viewers a little taste of Italy via wine bottles to drive tune-in to the second season of Rome.

The network is offering complimentary half-bottles of Rome-branded wine through Jan. 13 to patrons in 90 Italian restaurants in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles. Participating locations, including Extra Virgin and Bella Notte in Chicago, The Stinking Rose and San Gennaro in Los Angeles and Dani and Gusto in New York. In all, 11,460 bottles will be handed out.

HBO is using wine as a hook for its association with the indulgent nature of the show, said Jim Anstey, partner/brand action director at LIME public relations + promotion, the New York City-based agency handling the campaign.

Interesting concept, and definitely something that will be remembered by diners at these trattorias. Of course, for a truly experiential feel, I would recommend that the libation be a faithful replica of wine-making at the time of Caesar. Not only would it be a memeroable twist on a simple give-away, but it would most certainly spur conversation and WOM simply from the historical nature of the product.

In other Promo news, another company will be opening a showroom in Second Life. Yawn.

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