Who’s the new voice over at Adrants? Steve Hall is still da man, but it’s obvious there’s a new writer at the bible of ad-snarkery. I give you two entries from today, demonstarting that Adrants is possibly becoming a vanguard blog for the marketing revolution. Check out this post about a marketing gimmick in India (yeah, India) and this entry about a great rebuff to the Dick in a Box video that’s storming the social media innosphere. Congrats Adrants. You’re definitely walking the walk.


  1. Thank God I’m still good! I wrote that Dick in a Box piece you link to:-)
    but, yes. Angela rocks!

  2. Nathan Snider · · Reply

    This guy is a d-bag. He insults readers that don’t agree with him. He told everyone that commented on one of his latest “rants” to go get a life, mocking them for their interest in his webpage/blog. Oh yeah, he’s “da man”…

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