A Constant Conversation

Here’s a great article in BusinessWeek on customer evangelism and grassroots communty building. Yes, we’ve all heard about evangelism and loyalty programs. This is a good synopsis as to how companies are approaching the dynamic changes facing large and small firms looking to be something more than an ad to their customers.

Also, be sure to read Max Kalehof’s take on the ANA’s Top Ten Marketing Transormations survey. Pretty insightful, I think.

And finally, check out this story on buzz and “new marketing” from the International Herald Tribune. The article supposes to answer the question on every marketer’s mind:

As consumers eagerly post word-of-mouth commentary in online communities, message boards and Web logs, a straightforward question confronts brandmeisters: who wins and who loses as time- tested practices of mass production and mass marketing are undermined by the often-cranky voices of the knowledge age?

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