The posts on these blogs have been pinged so many times by blog spam (“blam?”), I have lost count the times I had to purge them from my inbox. But these two pings to past posts I have decided to approve for publication: Mmm…Mmm…BBQ and Golden Idiots. Here’s why: both blams are contextually right — one of for a range of BBQ grills, the other is for Golden Palace itself. But here’s the rub: the title of the Golden Palace post is “Golden Idiots.” I disparage the company in that post. I take issue with its stupidity, its vapidness and general Fox-like behavior. So why would the company want to have a Trackback to it’s website? There’s a quote by someone I don’t know that states that “man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid.” Unfortunately in Golden Palace’s instance, both machine and man are erring on the side of stupidity.


  1. Your Golden Idiots link goes to a URL on YouTube, when I think you meant it to go to your previous post at:

  2. Thanks for the catch, Tim. That was a funny clip, tho!!!!!

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