Here’s a smidgen of some interesting work that has caught the eye of this humble blogger.


First of all, I’m a sucker for a good truck. That’s right. Back to my roots as a guerrilla marketer, back when a good truck and a fun team would hit the road to the delight of millions of people. So check out this custom truck for

This truck is promoting the BodogFight’s Mixed Martial Arts live PPV event this upcoming Saturday. A score card girl announces the fight, and then two trained martial artists actually get in the ring and start to brawl. Wow! Talk about a free show.

The second piece of eye-candy comes from Vacant China. You all by now must have heard about Vacant, the pop-up store specialists. Well, these guys are making pop-up history with a pop-up stretch Mini, inside which is hundreds of the hottest gear and gadgets for sale (okay, this is kind of a truck idea as well.)

The Mini has hit Shanghai with unbelievable buzz. Check Springwise for the story.

Thirdly, a web game worth a mention: I hope the URL speaks for itself, or at least has gotten a quizzical point of interest for you. If you need more explanation, check out this Brandweek story.


And lastly, check out this great campaign from Penguin Books UK called My Penguin. And no, it’s not a personal butler service.

According to AdPulp, Penguin is allowing readers to design their own covers for six classic works of literature.

Don’t like the cover to Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment?” No problem, create your own. Does Jane Austen’s “Emma” bore you? My Penguin can fix that. (hahahaha, sorry).

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