Okay, Borat was pretty effing hilarious. I’m ashamed to admit it…especially since my father was born in Khazakstan (in Uralsk, to be more precise). But here’s another reason to go to the movies:


According to this post in Adverblog, a Brazilian agency has released a 6-minute film for car-maker Fiat that audience members can interact with to collectively determine the ending of the mini-movie.

Developed by Brazil’s Agencia Click the six-minute-long interactive movie is in the “choose you own adventure” style and generates 16 different endings depending on the choices of the audience. During the adverts the audience are given 4 different questions to answer and which they need to text to a given number. The final version of the movie is compiled from the clips that gather the most votes (which is all handled digitally).

Love it. Just as much as Borat.

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