Chief Marketer has a good post from Patrick Ohlin about truth and authenticity in marketing and branding. He starts out with this:

Advertisers and politicians often say the importance of what you say and do is a matter of perspective. But in brand building, truth is singular and concrete, a cornerstone. So why are some marketing pundits clouding the waters by promoting authenticity as the primary driver of brands? It all seems like semantics to me.

First, brand authenticity is itself an outcome—the result of continuous, clear, and consistent efforts to deliver truth in every touch point. Second, a brand can be authentic in either its positive or its negative character. That is the main problem: Not all authentic brands are honest. In the age of corporate scandals and lost retirement funds, a brand can be an authentic scoundrel.

Pretty good beginning to a post, n’est-ce-pas? I recommend the read…Ohlin’s conclusion on consumer experience management is pretty dead-on.

In other XM news, MICE International has released another report. (See past post on MICE studies.) It’s title…is both sanguine and to the point: Experiential Marketing: It Works.

Among the key findings:
• 62% predict experiential marketing will be one of the biggest growth activities over the next five years
• 87% rank an experiential channel in the top three marketing activities
• 74% believe experiential marketing is the most effective way to encourage word of mouth

Go to the MICE site for the report.

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