I’ve read about this a few weeks back. Symantec has started a rock band. Yep. Instead of paying for ads, they are paying musicians to sing about their security products.


This sounds a bit like Coq Roq from CP+B. Maybe a little better. Definitely better because it is above board. This campaign from Night Agency is unique, kinda cool and certainly different. But does it matter? Will it work? Is it money well-spent? Does it make sense for Symantec?

Yeah! Why not? Sometimes, marketing isn’t about selling stuff or brand equity. It’s sometimes just about creating something for the sake of creation. Sometimes, it can just be about the art. Sometimes, absurdity must reign, utility should be jettisoned, and results must be ignored.



  1. Rock dot Rock just released their first music video.
    its not to bad

  2. I am ok with their music. I think Symantec is doing the right thing trying to ‘diversify’ its marketing and associate experiences with its brand. But I don’t get the association of Symantec with a rock band, sorry.

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