An Update in Four Parts

So, I hear there was some deal between something called YouTube and a company called Google. Huh. I wonder how that’s going to shake out.

In the meantime, here’s a few tidbits that I offer up in penitence for my lack of posts lately:

1. So, apparently, the funnel has been flipped. That’s what Joe Mandese writes in MediaDaily News. Not much news there. Experiential marketers have known for a while now that consumers are “people” and that “they are in control.” If you want to read CMOs and CEOs say it, go find out what they think of the funnel. But wait. TV’s not dead, folks. Check out why the guy who says consumers are in control continues to spend more on mass media.

2. Check out this event from Red Bull. Ad Pulp has a write-up of it. Gosh…it brings a tear to my to see something like this….both out of pride for XM and regret that I didn’t think of it.

3. I’m sick of hearing about agencies establishing “offices” in Second Life. It’s useless. Do they think there will be better creative coming out of there? No way….unless they come up with virtual weed.

4. And finally, all of the blogosphere has probably seen The Little Superstar — that little guy body-rocking while a dude lying on a couch presses play and stop on the boom box. It takes a stroke of genius to take that clip and make it into a branding play for TiVo. Check it out this spec work from Swivel Media here.

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    Another way to see how legitimate they are is to che

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