More awesomeness from the duo at Rethink Vancouver.

Mike Milardo and his partner Bart Batchelor (with names like that, they need a sitcom) have come up with a unique OOH execution for Solo — a Canadian cellular telco. As Mike puts it:

It’s a national stunt/promotion for Solo’s Walkie Talkie phones. At bus stops in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, we’ve connected bus stops with actual walkie talkies phones. People just push the button and are connected live to another bus stop in another city. Should make for some fun, awkward interactions.


How awesome it that? I told you it was a bit of awesomeness. Is there a better way to communicate communication at the press of a button?

If Mike and Bart are smart, they built in a recording mechanism. I would love to hear a conversation between some yokel in Calgary and a pepper in Montreal (sorry to both). Capture the conversations, use them for your next campaign called…Canada Talks.

Okay, that title is lame. How about, Push My Buttons? Stupid, eh.

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