I must apologize for the banality and dryness of the last post. Not the first part of it. I really think that the FutureLab blog is a very good read. Much better than this one, it would seem.

The last post – which I tellingly forgot to title – is total drivel. What the fuck do I care about the difficulty of defining experiential marketing in the business-to-business marketplace? (Again, I must apologize, this time for the profanity).

Sure. I care a little. I have to. I’m a firm believer of experiential marketing, or rather, the idea of delivering life-changing branded experiences to the consumers of the world.

I dig that. I like the way it rolls off the tongue. I hold XM to be something to study, advance, promulgate and analyze. Some would even say I’m an expert on it, if at the very least a pundit. Many may think all this to be a bit of quackery. But allow me to rant a bit nonetheless.


I served up that cold dish of blah because I’m pressed for time, and when marketing bloggers want to post without much thought, we go after statistics.

So, there you have it: an admission. I had nothing to talk about, so I threw out some numbers. I wasn’t inspired enough, so I relied on metrics. I didn’t have time to get deep, so I got wide.

Sound familiar? And I’m writing to the creatives out there now….

Anyone ever find themselves faced with the insurmountable foe to creativity: the guy who wants to talk about numbers instead of ideas?

The brand manager who is more worried than inspired, who is more interested in the job than the brand, who when confronted with a risky proposition folds faster than a lawn chair. Creativity dies when someone asks “how many people will this campaign reach.”

The answer is simple: 1.

One person. That’s all you need. If the idea is great, if the campaign is ground-breaking, if it delights and inspires your consumers, if it changes that way we look at the world and each other, then all you need is one person to see it. For he or she will be your greatest evangelist.

Think about all the great ideas that have shaped our world. It all starts with the creator, and then someone else who believes in the creation. If you can reach one, you can reach a billion. So, how’s that for numbers?

Sorry for the rant. It’s been a while. And it feels good.

One comment

  1. In my gig (pastor) the numbers game is large. “How many people are you running?” is the big question at meetings and confrences, but like your post says-it seems to be the boring people at these meetings that are asking that question
    Helluva rant

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