Back from vacation, back into the grind. Somehow, I find that time is different form of measurement when on vacation and when we are back in “the real world.”

So it’s a propos that I mention Second Life, and all the action it’s getting from marketers. If any of you ever heard me speak at conventions, you may recall that I think that experiential marketing is just as viable (if not more so) in the virtual world as much as it is in the real one — the one where vacations only last a week or so.


In other words, consumer experiences can be quite effectively and engagingly delivered in MMOG‘s like Second Life, Sims Online and even Warcraft. So it’s no surprise that Second Life is getting a lot of action.

Check out this article on Springwise, as well as this one on MIT Advertising Lab. Trendwatching also has a great piece on virtual worlds and marketing.

American Apparel, Wells Fargo, Scion, Reebok, Amazon…the list is growing.

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