Hello friends. I’m off for a bit of rest and recreation on the right coast, and hope to not see a computer for a few days. But nothing…NOTHING…gives me more pleasure than to share this link as a parting gesture (for the time being).


This is so hardcore. I love this. It leaves me speechless. And as one top exec put it to me, what kind of an organizational attitude do you need to conceive this?

Talk about bleeding for your audience. What a statement.

I know, some may view it as obscene or absurd. There is validity in that assesment. But the statement has been made, nevertheless.

And hey, if you don’t like clicking on the links, here’s the scoop:

The All Blacks have bled for the cause in an unusual promotion launched yesterday.
DNA from the players has been infused into a limited edition of this year’s All Blacks poster showing the team performing the haka in a Fiordland setting.


A bond used in the printing process contains DNA from each player in the squad. The players gave the blood, which was then sterilised.

The poster will be available from adidas stockists only to those fans who buy an All Blacks jersey, says adidas marketing manager Craig Waugh.

No guts. No glory.

Kudos, adidas, for having the balls to do this. For showing fans what their team can do. For the team (national!) for going all out for their fans. And for a brand to stand tall and be a part of it all.

I’m sure many would disagree.

Have a great week. Talk in a few.

One comment

  1. I see how you’re so enthusiatic about this. And many people will be. But, I respectfully have to say that this form of marketing is just a cheap stunt. All that matters is the final scores of the rugby matches. Why would I want their DNA?
    They’ve been reaching out to their fans in a multitude of ways for decades. This doesn’t touch me nearly as much as seeing All Blacks read for blind children.
    That connects with fans.

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