In case we’ve all forgotten, I want to remind us of the title. David Polinchock, of Brand Experience Lab, just posted the following on the Experiential Marketing Forum.

I thought that you might be interested in this article in the current Ad Age. According to a new report by consulting firm McKinsey, spending on prime-time broadcast has increased over the last decade by 40%, while viewership dropped 50%! Additionally:

* 65% of consumers fell that they’re bombarded by too much advertising. (And yet, the ad industry continues to be excited by new advertising vehicles where the audience is trapped and can’t get away. Just look at the boom in in-cinema advertising.)
* 54% avoid buying products that overwhelm them with too much advertising. (Yeah, read that again and think of your advertising plan!)
* 44% of purchasing decisions at one telecom company were influenced by customer interaction rather then advertising.

Keep reading that last one until you get it. 44% made the experience of the brand — not what it said — the dominant purchase decision. Can you afford to have 44% of your audience not purchase your product because of a bad experience?

Check out David’s blog here. It, like the article, is definitely worth the read.

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