Some more ETM 101 studies to share here. The first is a story from eMarketer, which covers a report from Forrester Research. The report shows what channels marketers are pursuing or are planning to pursue. Please check it out.


The second piece of information is from Peppers & Rogers, called “Turning Customer Experiences into Competitive Edge: Nikon’s Journey to Leadership.” It begins with a statement that we all already know:

The customer experience is now the battleground for competitive advantage. In a global and information-rich economy,many of the familiar avenues to gaining and keeping a competitive edge, such as product innovation or speed-to-market, are not as effective as they once were. Faced with a market rife with product commoditization and marketing blitz — where customers are in control—a company’s competitive advantage depends on delivering a consistent, satisfying customer experience.

This fact has been on the executive radar for some time. But when it comes to managing the customer experience, research shows that there is a sizeable gap between planning and doing. In 2005, for example, the global research firm Strativity Group reported that 76% of senior executives taking part in a worldwide survey placed customer strategies higher on the corporate agenda than they did three years ago. Yet only 31% said they had the tools and authority to serve customers. Even more alarming, 59% claimed they do not deserve their customers’ loyalty.

Nikon’s Journey to Leadership.pdf

A great PDF called The David Report came across my Inbox. It is billed as “a trend report with a design perspective and a humanistic approach, which concern intersections between culture, business life and the global society.” What’s not to like?

The David Report.pdf

And finally, check this out report from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner/ Polimetrix called “YOUTHMONITOR Coming of Age in America: Part IV – The MySpace Generation.” Long title, interesting read.

The MySpace Generation.pdf

Bon apetit, mes amis.

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    Experience the Message recently published a post concerning an article about marketers hooking up with social networks on eMarketer.
    Heres the data that eMarketer released:
    According to their research (done by Forrester), only 13% of US markete…

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