If you’ve ever heard me speak publicly (or read my book…ahem!), you would know how I feel about the “new marketing” techniques like Head-Vertising or Ass-Vertising. I think it sucks! But here’s a new one for you: a mother thinks her son is so cute, she’s willing to sell him out to the highest brand bidder.


Okay, before you get all riled up about this form of marketing pimping, let me explain further. According to Gush Magazine, a mother has set up a site called and thinks that “her child is so cute that companies will want to put their logos on his clothing or him for $100 000 a year. “I will dress in your company’s provided apparel (and sport a tattoo!) everywhere I go for the amount of time chosen. Want me to do a commercial? How about a public appearance? I’ll do that too.** All advertising must be pre-approved by Mom (nothing distasteful).”

Sport a tattoo? Holy crap! What has the world come to?

According to the piece:

A company called, has actually offered Jake $350 for a month’s worth of wearing their clothing. “Here is what Tim Farina, President & CEO of Javanni Inc. has to say about Baby Jake: In today’s creative world of advertising we not only need to know our customers but we need to find creative ways of reaching them to deliver our message. I believe advertising with Baby Jake would be beneficial to our consumer DVD transfer business at The BuyJake approach reaches our demographic and gets attention. I’m impressed.”

I’m not.


  1. $350 a month to turn your kids into a circus? Maybe parents are hurting that bad. I hope the kids end up getting their slice…
    …or that it doesn’t actually happen.

  2. Bruno Kebran · · Reply

    Oh my, But anyway am not dissapointed having bought your book fresh from an Ad school. All I want to do is practice Experiencial Marketing. Tim Farina is a CEO? interesting.

  3. Crystal · · Reply

    Tim, are you the same Tim farina who is buying investment property? I am looking for a buyer!

  4. Yes, I also invest in real estate and yes I am President and CEO of Javanni, Inc. Although we never utilized the BuyJake advertising service we did submit our comment to Jake’s mother regarding her idea. Depending on the type of ad I believe this is a tasteful and unique form of advertising. We transfer and preserve family home movies on DVD and the money goes to Jake’s college fund. What’s wrong or inappropriate with that?

  5. Ok, let’s stop the madness. I am not about exploiting children in any way. When you put a GAP t-shirt on your kid what are you doing? I think the idea of putting related advertising on your child’s shirt is completely harmless – depending on the ad of course. Yes, this should be allowed but we also need to be responsible parents and implement controls to ensure what is printed on our kid’s shirts is in good taste and leans more towards being CUTE than anything else. Those who disagree DON’T HAVE TO PARTICIPATE! Just remember this post next time you put a Chuck E Cheese t-shirt on your kid.

  6. Per your post on 09/03/2006;
    Yes Bruno, I am a CEO of Javanni, Inc. Not sure why you would question that???
    I understand you are President and Founder of Scribepals, Inc. and were recently quoted as saying: “…in order to be successful in the business World, one has to take huge risks…”.
    I disagree Bruno.
    In fact, that is very old-school thinking.
    We can mitigate risks and make smart decisions in our business to ensure success. This is business college 101. I’m assuming you attended?
    FYI – We tried to pull up your website but it still says “COMING SOON” three years after you submitted your post. Hmmmm…
    Perhaps you should have considered advertising your business on Baby Jake? 🙂
    Our business has done very well and our website is fully operational 24/7. In fact, we’ve helped over 600 families preserve their home movies on DVD since your initial post here. Imagine that! And not one child was exploited or harmed in the making of our business!!!
    Check out our site when you’re not too busy blogging:
    Tim Farina / Javanni, Inc.
    President, CEO

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