I’m writing from a wonderful conference in Caracas, Venzuela called Encuentro Creativo, hosted by a local agency here called ARS Publicidad. ARS is a DDB agency, but it is firmly in the hands of a wonderful family, the Frias. The patriarch, Carlos Eduardo Frias, started the agency 100 years ago, and this is a great celebration of his vision. There are so many top-level executives from all over Latin America here, but what is more interesting and important is that the conference is open to marketing students who are now bringing a whole new level of passion and creativity to this country and the region as a whole. It is a great honor to be a presenter, and the Frias family has welcomed me in the most gracious of manners…even if I am a fat gringo. I wish that all marketing conferences were like this, where we can come together and celebrate our industry and work, and share it with young people who are looking for their own passions. Most of the time, however, marketing conferences in the US are all about ego-stroking and drinking our own Cool-Aid. Alas.

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