So Promo Magazine sends me an email saying that they have now released a study titled “Maximizing ROI Through Experiential Marketing Campaigns,” sponsored by Marketing Werks. Cool, I think. This industry needs more studies to prove the efficacy and intelligence of experiential marketing.

I proceed to go through the hoops to download the study (name, email, address, PHONE NUMBER!). What do I get? A freakin’ commercial for Marketing Werks! Seriously, the PDF is one giant shill for the Chicago-based event marketing company.

This is no research paper at all, just four case studies lauding how great Marketing Werks is. Total bait-and-switch, close to being a total con. See for yourself. As for myself, I am totally unimpressed with Promo’s acquiescence to this bit of loose journalism.

Download CPG-08_MktgWerkWtPaper.pdf

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