Yes, that’s right: dolphins dig XM. They flip for it. (Ha!) According to this article, the Miami Dolphins are spending $250 million to renovate their stadium. But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is what they are spending the money on:

“…the hiring of a New York City design firm known for trendy clubs and hotels indicates an end to utilitarian concourses and concessions.

‘Great service and fun,’ is one of the phrases Bailey used to characterize plans.

For this Dolphins season, the stadium has already created ‘The 400 Program’ for fans in the upper deck with entertainment, cooling stations, more service and new food items.

‘We are concentrating on The 400 because we have listened to the massive amount of consumer research we have done and we think we can have a huge impact on the consumer experience on the 400 level,’ Bailey said….

…The expanded concourses and other areas at Dolphin Stadium are to be marketed as prime spots for businesses to showcase themselves to fans.

‘We are very interested in major national and international companies who are interested in experiential marketing,” Bailey said. That means fans could interact with products by hearing, seeing, touching and even tasting them, if appropriate.'”

You hear that? The NFL knows what a good show is, and how experience can be translated into big money. So how come most major marketers still think that a hundred million thrown at a Super Bowl ad is a better solution? Here’s a team who is building experiences for their corporate clients, while the corporate clients are still mindlessly paying homage to the 30-second spot. And by the way, I can’t wait for football season.

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