Every once in a while, it’s good to get to some of those white papers and studies that are so often downloaded yet so rarely read. So, allow me to share the pages here with you all.

The first is a good study on Red Bull from a Left Coast agency called Plan B. It’s a very insightful read, and in-depth enough for random referencing at industry parties. Download: Speed In a Can

Here’s is a fascinating document from the mind of Eric Von Hippel, a professor and Head of the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group at MIT Sloan School of Management. Downlaod: Citizen Innovator

And finally, from BoldMouth (an WOM agency) comes a great study about…WOM. Surprise, surprise. But really, this is a robust and well-intentioned study on buzz and word-of-mouth, without all the self-serving platitudes and panacea rhetoric that most WOM agencies throw around. BoldMouth has put out one of the better prospectus on the emerging methodolgy. Download: BoldMouth


  1. thanks max, is a problem if i share your pdf links in my blog?.

  2. Max, Thanks for your kind words, and for taking time to read the study.
    Many thanks,
    Todd Tweedy

  3. No problem, Metamike. I would be honored.

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