Forgive me if I jump on the consumer-generated content bandwagon again. I just find it irresistible. I know that it may prove to be just another buzzword, and I’m pretty sure that the whole concept will be somehow adulterated, corrupted and squandered by the well-paid and well-heeled suits on Madison Avenue and Wilshire Blvd. But, damn, I love the idea of democratized – nay, nihilistic – content generation. It makes me giggle like a schoolgirl in spring.

If you’ve been reading this blog, and many others, you will surely realize how hot the topic is. Co-creation is both fervently feared or revered by us marketing pundits and wonks. I guess we are too ambivalent when faced with the dialectic of a future when we don’t have to do any work, or the future when there’s no work for us to do at all.

Okay, that’s a simplification. But make no mistake. Co-creation will work. And an early business model has risen in Europe to expand its capabilities.

“True co-creation can only blossom if brands share revenues resulting from consumer generated content with those same consumers,” says a post on Springwise, quoting an earlier post from (BTW, these are two great blogs!) And Vodaphone Netherland’s KijkMij TV (Look At Me TV) project does just that: the project asks customers to upload “their funniest, sexiest or most informative (cameraphone) videos, but also pays these minipreneurs 10% of revenues generated when other customers download their video.”

How it works:

Vodafone customers shoot their own videos, using a camera or a cameraphone, and upload them to the KijkMij TV channel. Videos will appear in one of the following categories: Erotica (Babes and Hunks), Bizarre, Holidays, Stunts, and ‘I love…’, and can be viewed via Vodafone’s Live service. Downloads will cost 25 euro cents, meaning every viewed video will net the owner 2.5 cents. By uploading a video, participants are automatically assigned an account tied to their mobile phone number. Using PayPal’s MassPay, Vodafone pays out accrued earnings when accounts surpass EUR 10 (which equals 400 downloads).

Although Vodaphone doesn’t allow nudity below the waist (I swear that’s their rule), it will be no surprise to see some entrepreneurial Netherlander to come up with all killer, no filler content. If the most popular books in Japan are found on cell phones, why can’t the most popular tele-novella be on the cell phone as well?

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