Please read this story in Promo Magazine online version. Althought the piece is somewhat buried, it describes a campaign that is so 360-degree integrated, it makes me want to hug the first marketer I see.

It revolves around the And 1 Mixtape Tour, a long-running street basketball tour event first put on by And 1 shoes. For years, this tour was the only marketing done by the upstart shoe company. It was so successful, however, that other brands got into the action as sponsors. Mountain Dew was one of those brands.

Now comes word that the Mountain Dew-sponsored event will now become something else…namely, a video game published by well-known gamemaker Ubisoft.

The story is that:

The video game maker is hitting the streets with area DJs in six top markets (New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami and Oakland, CA) to promote the game, And 1 Streetball, tying in to the And 1 Mix Tape Tour, a 25-city streetball tour presented by Mountain Dew.

Through the tour, Ubisoft will showcase radio DJs whose personalities and station logos are featured in the And 1 Streetball game, including New York’s Paul “Cubby Bryant” and Philadelphia’s The Hot Boyz. DJs from each market will promote the video game during the tour and on air through June 15. As part of the tour, DJs are promoting an exclusive video game soundtrack, the And 1 Streetball Exclusive Mix Tape, which features hip-hop artists from every region of the tour.


In a separate development, Mountain Dew is also lending its support for the And 1 Streetball video game challenge. Players can put their skills to the test on Xbox Live for a chance to win a personal Mountain Dew vending machine and also And 1 Mix Tape Tour merchandise (jerseys and DVDs). The content ends July 17. Online materials support.

And 1 Streetball gives gamers the ultimate basketball experience creating their own players and movies with the goal of becoming the next streetball icon. The game, available for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, sells for $39.99.

So I may be on a video game kick this week (see earlier posts), but I am convinced that this type of marketing and integration is a key feature for marketing in the future. Marketers who have either developed proprietary events (like Camp Jeep) or who have come on-board as major and long-term partners (like Mountain Dew and extreme sports), have the oportunity to blow out their marketing campaigns into unchartered territories. Video games are certainly one of the most lucrative territories out there right now.

With all the hype about the stupid chicken stunts and hooplah that Burger King and CP+B are rolling out, it’s great to see something like this come across our radar screens.

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