On an entirely different note, I am at the 2006 Innovative Marketing Conference at Columbia University today and tomorrow. There are some great minds here. The host is none other than Bernd Schmitt, renown author and professor here at the university.

He just walked by to ask if I am blogging, and I said yes, adding that I sometimes feel an obligation to blog even though I may not have much to say. Bernd quickly agreed, telling me that only yesterday he posted an entry about Sony on his blog that he really didn’t care too much for. But as bloggers, we feel a duty to blog.

He then suggested off-the-cuff that I should blog about our little conversation, which I am doing right now. He is standing next to me. We’re laughing. And in this little exchange, I have once again fallen in love with blogging. There is no compulsion to blog. It just comes naturally. And it can be done instantly.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Fluffy post , fluffy comment!
    Keep up the great stuff….I mean all the other posts 😉

  2. hy max, i´m mike from spain, i´m reading now your book (i begin today) and probably i can take part of the spanish edition (i work in delfin group and maybe i look for the eurpean case studies)
    only few words for say hello, congratulations for your book and your website and i will link you in my site asap.

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