Although he doesn’t know it, I really like the way Kevin Glennon thinks. I’ve been reading his posts on the Soflow network for close to a year now, and I always come away thinking this guy has the right ideas, and a way of expressing them that many can’t. I urge you to check out his site for more musings.

Kevin has put together a list called “The Top 5 Executions of Creative Technology in 2005,” and although I almost never comment on “top” lists, I feel compelled to comment on it now. The main reason: he mentions Stagecoach Island as an excellent example.

Now, this may not be a surprise, because the execution for Wells Fargo is one of the best I’ve seen for a bank in…well, ever. It’s a surprise because he lists it alongside of Google Maps, iTunes 4.9,, and Ding (Southwest Airlines new site/service). That’s some pretty awesome company!

And since I know Erik Hauser very well — he who runs Swivel Media and developed Stagecoach Island — I’m here to give him props. As Kevin writes:

Take a happening video game, and combine it with an oldschool bank. Yeah, not something that could happen. But it did. Stagecoach Island was, perhaps, the most amazing impossibility that happened! Wells Fargo invested in a video game, and overnight created a whole new way of connecting with the younger audience that was timid (at best) with connecting with a bank. If anything, Stagecoach Island proved that big steps are required to make small investments.

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