I’ve heard this title before, but never really paid much attention to it. It was usually reserved for execs in the customer service departments of major companies, or self-attached by ego-inflated company founders who wanted a better spin on the CEO moniker.

But the title — and the position that comes with it — will be one of the most sought-after in the near future. More telling for experiential marketers, it is becoming a position that is de rigeur at major ad shops.

According to Ad Age, “in a first for JWT, New York, the agency has hired a top interactive-and-digital creative to a senior creative post, reporting directly to co-president Ty Montague. Colleen DeCourcy, chief creative officer at Omnicom Group’s Organic, is moving to the WPP-owned agency as chief experience officer, a new post…..At JWT, Ms. DeCourcy will partner with executive creative directors ‘to help them conceive of and deliver multiplatform brand stories.'”

Hey, I like it. A 30-second shop like JWT wants to tell multiplatform brand stories. If the shop — and any shop for that matter — can do this successfully and consistently, then I would venture to say that many CEOs will be former CEOs.


  1. Damn, I hope that I don’t fall into the ego-inflated company founders category! But, I think I may have been using it before I actually founded the company! Is it bad that I use the CXO abbreviation???

  2. As long as it is more than the ‘matching luggage’, as someone recently said to me of the current interactive and agency relationship. My thought is ‘new media’ and the digital realm is far greater and complex than communication – and the question is will JWT ever really get their head around that.

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