According to this article from MediaPost:

AD-SKIPPING VIA DVRS COULD COST networks $8 billion in revenue this year, according to a new report by JupiterResearch. The research found that 53 percent of DVR users skip commercials–a figure below what others have estimated–but nonetheless, if that group skips ads 100 percent of the time, $8 billion of the estimated $74 billion television ad market in 2006 could be lost.

Wow. This runs contrary to a recent Millward Brown survey stating that DVR weren’t that bad to the TV industry. Ooops. Read about it here. I even get a quote in the story.

So what’s the real story? Are DVR ruining the 30- and 15-second spot? Hells yeah! Is TV advertising dead. Hells no! It will be different, it will be experiential, and it will be when and where the viewer wants it. Okay? Can’t the consultants agree to that?

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