Every four years, marketers from around the world begin salivating like a Pavlovian dog. No, not the Olympics. All those sports do not compare to the power of just one: football…soccer for us Yanks.

This year, the greatest sports spectacle on earth is in Germany. As always, tickets to any game are scarce considering that the entire world wants to physically see a game. Most tickets are snatched up well in advance by ticket brokers and group buyers, so that a lot of the hoi polloi are left without a way to see a game live at a stadium…one of the coolest and greatest experiences in the world.


Enter Adidas. In what may be a World Cup first, the sports lifestyle marketer is building an entire stadium in Berlin for football fanatics to experience a game without being at the game. In effect, the stadium is a giant couch or bar stool: fans in the Adidas stadium watch the game live on huge Jumbotrons and other screens.

According to this article, from an Iranian press release:

Built next to the historic German parliament, the mobile football arena titled ‘World of Football’ will seat up 10,000 visitors and is estimated to cost almost 10 million euros. 

Some 70,000 football fans are expected daily to watch the 64 World Cup games from June 9 through July 9. 

Construction of the new stadium, built in the style of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, is due to start on April 18 and to be completed on June 8.

How cool, and how utterly Adidas. Thanks to the guys posting on the Experiential Marketing Forum for this update. (I don’t often read Iranian press releases.) I mean, what a great experience to offer fans of the Beatiful Game, as well as fans of the three-stripe fashion icon.

Interestingly, admission price is not mentioned in the article. Will this be a free entry or pay at the gate experience? My money is on a major consumer promotion, and the entry will be free. It’s the cool thing to do. Right?

(BTW, I think Argentina is the sleeper. Maybe England. But the money stays on Brazil.)

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  1. Paul Charlebois · · Reply

    I want to see the French do it again. They may be a bunch of cheese eatin surrender monkeys, (quoteth Homer Simpson)but they play a wicked game!
    Also – Max… you’re not a yank… are you? I always thought you were a Canuck.

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