After reading prior posts on this blog, it would seem obvious that I am a big fan of MediaPost. I name drop them like rappers name drop Benzos. So it was with a pleasant surprise that I received an email this afternoon from Media Post inviting me to their 2006 Email Insider Summit. Here’s what it said, in part:

Dear max (sic),

I would like you to be our guest for the 2006 Email Insider Summit. As a Summit VIP, the cost of your airfare, hotel accommodations and conference registration will be paid for by MediaPost.

The Email Insider Summit Advisory Board has identified you as a senior level marketer or agency executive decision maker within your company. You are among a select few to whom we are extending this special VIP opportunity.

The purpose of the Email Insider Summit is to bring the best minds in the industry together to share leading edge information and experience on email marketing in a think-tank environment, while exploring new technology, strategies and tactics for effective campaigns….

Awesome, I thought! I’m a VIP. I mean…I do blog and I have written a book and, well, maybe I am getting a bit of a presence “out there.” Cool! I’m gonna go!

Then a few hours later, I get this email from Media Post:

Dear max (sic):

We apologize if you received an email from MediaPost earlier today inviting you as our VIP guest to the Email Insider Summit. That email was intended to be sent to a list of 50 top brand marketers in the industry, that have already agreed to attend the event. The email below is the email that you were intended to receive. If you would like to be a part of the inaugural Email Insider Summit please read below about the summit and how to register. Again we apologize for the confusion and inconvenience that error may have caused you.

Register now for MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit so you can surround yourself with the most-thought provoking minds in the industry as they school you on the new modes of enhancing your email marketing campaigns….

…The Email Insider Summit registration fee is $2,495 and includes access to keynotes, general sessions, workshops, meals, cocktail parties and networking functions for three days.

Please click here to Register for the 2006 Email Insider Summit.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the industry’s most thought-provoking conference and take your email marketing to the next level.

Wow! I went from all-expense-paid VIP to $2.5K chump. Ha!

So, an email for an Email Insider Summit was sent out to the wrong people! That’s quite an email marketing strategy. Get folks excited, then screw them with a follow-up. “Sorry, we didn’t mean to stroke your ego. We just meant to massage your wallet.”

Is this what they mean by an exploration of “new technology, strategies and tactics for effective [email] campaigns?” I hope their own campaign to hype the conference doesn’t get presented as a case study.

I still love Media Post. But this experience has left my confidence in them a bit shaken.


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  2. Email marketing companies have come a long way from a bandits image to a somewhat positive image. Here in Holland there are a few companies left who have to follow the tightened privacy laws(opt-in or even double) and in corporate world this is now introduced as well. Marketeers in local companies are however still not fully aware of the benefits and threats of emailmarketing.
    If you want to interact wih your customer you will need to be prepared for a reply.
    A better marketing experience will come from interaction not push or pull alone.
    I too get invited to many different events and or seminars in different forms and orders of merit. Most are not appealing and have no added knowledge benefits other then usefull networking time.

  3. Email Summit Sends Spam / We’re Not VIPs Either

    For a moment, yesterday we thought that all this blogging actually was worth it…. Minutes later another email came through apologizing for a big mistake.

  4. Paul Charlebois · · Reply

    Does it seem weird to you that this conference, this “email insider conference” wasn’t able to get the email list correct? I agree Max, that is one hell of a strategy. After reading this I can honestly say they have lost a lot of credibility. I wonder how many others got the erroneus message.
    All the best (Even though you’re no VIP),

  5. Interesting article!

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