On the heels of the Bubble Project or Yellow Arrow, I’ve discovered Where’s George.

The site, and social movement to mark up dollar bills, allows people to track currency (not like traders, but like anthropologists) and give a story to the money.

It’s another example of a rising tide in place-based people-generated content. It is a new form of social proclivity to add information and/or interactivity to the physical world around us.

It is a movement for people to annotate our existence. By connecting the real world with information from the Internet, users can explore geographical spaces with the eye of an insider.

By using the web, SMS and mobile photo applications, people in effect appropriate the ambient spaces for their own, and opening them up for dialogue and exchange….without any damn permission. And that is freakin’ awesome.


There is a lot of chatter about consumer-generated content right now. But ambient annotation is the next big thing.

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