Okay, so I’ve ranted against urinal advertising before. Long-time readers, and audience participants at my speeches, know that I view urinal branded to be….well, déclassé. Tacky. Even stupid.

I just don’t get why brands want to be pissed on. Sure, it’s a fetish. But is it a fetish that needs to be supported by the advertising and marketing communities?


Well, here’s an example of good urinal branding. (I can’t believe I just wrote that.) Check out this ad for ESPN Soccer in Brazil. (Thanks

This is actually, um, an experiential urinal ad. Yes it is! By aiming the stream around, guys can direct the little ball into the goal.

The mess notwithstanding, this is pure brilliance!!! This is the type of bathroom advertising that gets guys involved with a different type of scoring.

Or is it? Have I been blinded by my passion for soccer to see that I’m missing the bowl?


  1. Paul Charlebois · · Reply

    1 question…
    Where can I get one for home?

  2. Fernanda · · Reply

    Just a question: how can you get the ball out of the goal? The next man will have to pick it with the hand?
    Fernanda (sorrry about my English, I´m from Brazil!!!)

  3. max lenderman · · Reply

    Hi Fernanda!
    What a great question!!!!! Hilarious. Only a woman….Sorry for my English, I’m laughing too hard.

  4. I’d imagine when you flush the toilet, the water coming in floats the ball out.
    But are there sound effects? Goooooaaaaal!!??

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