Chewing gum and confectionary giant Wrigley has released two very different but equally experiential sites for its Winterfresh and Orbit White gum brands. (Full disclosure: I work for Wrigley’s “live marketing” AOR).

EVB created both extraordinary sites, and I applaud the buzz and rants they are getting in the blogosphere.

The Orbit White site presents a cult of anything white and shiny, called the Friends of Bright. It’s a hilarious take, with some very insightful activities revolving around a whiter, brighter smile.

The interfacae is top-notch, as visitors interact with a smiling, cheesy and utterly captivating cult leader, who intones koans of wisdom like “a dim brain is understandable but a dim smile is unforgivable.” Awesome stuff.

The art work and interactivity is astounding. You can get totally sucked into this cult. It’s trippy and hippie, and totally preoccupied with white, brilliant teeth as the panacea for the world’s problems. It’s a feel-good site, exactly what the brand promises.

If the Orbit White experience is brilliant (pun intended) in its insight, the Winterfresh execution is brilliant in its madness. It targets love-struck teens, after all. What can be more absurd, maddening, totally wacked-out and manic than a teenage crush?


Well, the site comes pretty close. Cool Breath Power is a world of surprise, weirdness and discovery. It features something called The Love Chronicles, which are narrated by the Love Maestro, a cross between Dr. Seus and Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Everything is stupid. Everything is great.

The site is full of random surprises, crazy unlocks, weird lines of love advice and so much wackiness, a teen can’t help but be drawn into the mayhem.

Fantastic stuff. Highly-targeted online experiences with plenty of consumer co-creation and engagement. Kudos to EVB. Awesome work, guys!

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