You know change is in the air when the LA Times picks up a story with an opening sentence like this: “These are scary times for advertisers.”

The writer — Gary Silverman — gets even more dire in the article: “It will no longer be enough for companies to interrupt television programs to tell people about products. They will need to produce communications of various kinds that are so entertaining or so helpful that consumers will seek them out.”

Kapow! Is the LA Times promulgating experience-based marketing as a “recipe for a new way of marketing?” Sure sounds like it.

The article — first written for the Financial Times — posits a 30-year-old chef named Jamie Oliver in London, who has “producing a blend of social activism, entertainment and advertising so potent that he has become one of the most popular people in Britain.” Mr. Oliver, if taken as a brand (and what celebrity isn’t?), is as experiential as it gets. (Granted, he’s on TV…but no one said mass media couldn’t be experiential.)

The article goes to show how passion, altruism, media agnosticism, grassroots participation, evangelism and the power of experience can so wholly trump the old way of doing business. (Of course, as with anything that becomes a smash hit, a bit of luck doesn’t hurt either). Read the article and then visit the IXMA Manifesto page here. See how they match up…..

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