If you think Hauser goes off, check out this article from Erick Shonfeld in Business 2.0, titled 5 Ways to Fix Time Warner.

His first bit of polemic states that “in a Media 2.0 world, content is no longer king. The audience is.” Oooh. I like it already.

Some more insights include “structur[ing] the company around customers, not products,” and “creat[ing] nichebusters instead of blockbusters.” Long Tail anyone? Co-creation, folks?

What are some other ways that Time Warner can save itself? How about “let[ting] the audience play with the content.” Holy crap! That’s pretty experiential, innit? “Increasingly, content alone will have less value than what people can do with it.” Wow. The people are in control, and not Dick Parsons. (Was he ever in control anyway?)

In urging Old Media to reinvent itself, I think Shonfeld has become an experiential marketer. Because if the audience is king, then the king’s experience with the brand is the rule of the land.

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