So, if you’re still unconvinced that consumer-generated is the Next Big Thing, and that major marketers aren’t that interested in it, then please read this post from today’s Adrants. I quote a bit:


Fully embracing the notion and value of consumer generated content, MasterCard, during the Oscars, will air two commercial which say basically nothing. The ads, Sailboat and Typewriter, will follow the customary format of listing prices for various items and closing with the final item labeled “priceless.” However, the item lines in these ads will be left blank. The ads will close encouraging people to go to, click on “Write a Priceless Ad Contest” and complete the commercial by filling in the blanks using their own words.

A judging panel will select one overall winning entrant which MasterCard feels best completes either of the two commercials following judging criteria including creativity and originality, overall appeal and relevance to the Priceless theme. Following the selection of the winning language, the commercial will then be re-created complete with the winning consumers’ Priceless verbiage and broadcast in the third quarter of 2006.

How cool! That’s a lot of money to spend on consumer-generated media. And mass media to boot! Congrats MasterCard. You get it. Thanks for taking Priceless to the next level.

Click on the Sailboat and Typwriter links to see the commercials.

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  1. Great example and lovely post. Just vivifies the work brands have to get ready to embrace. Thanks

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