Oh, c’mon guys! Is this all you got? I mean, after all those senseless marketing stunts you pulled, this is what you come up with for the Winter Olympics? A fat, ugly guy with a rubber chicken taped to his pecker? This is your marketing brilliance?


I bet all those writers who lauded the Golden Palace strategy of terrorist marketing are kicking themselves pretty hard right about now. All those pundits who wanted to mimick your audacity at paying $38,000 on eBay for a grilled cheese sandwich that looked like the Virgin Mary may be taken a second guess right about now.

Look, you guys are great at doing what you do, and the eBay stunts are paying off nicely for you — the travelling roadshow of a used celebrity condom next to the grilled cheese sandwich must draw a ton of folks. So, I guess that’s experiential. But this guy?

I mean, he streaked at a curlling event. Curling! What the hell is going on here? You are still trying to attract young guys to your site, right? What ever happened to the porn star streaking at the US Open a few years back? Why this guy? Why would this guy make me want to gamble on your site? Are you drinking your own Cool-Aid, Golden Palace? Are you?

Go on, admit it.

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  1. Golden Palace

    Just enter the bonus code: summerfun The Golden Palace sent out an email to

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