Hey all you TV ad execs out there, there is life after the 30-second spot! Just look at what KFC has pulled off with one. Check this out article from Promo Magazine: Apparently, Kentucky Fired Chicken has pulled off a chicken coup when it came down to creating another one of those interchangeable and utterly forgetable 30-second spots for a chicken product:

KFC has rolled out a new campaign that drives consumers to replay a TV ad and decipher a code to receive a coupon for its new Buffalo KFC Snacker.


To crack the code, consumers must replay the TV spot in slow motion with a digital video recorder or VCR. When slowed, the spot reveals a “secret code” with directions on how to redeem a $1-off coupon for KFC’s new Buffalo Snacker sandwich.

The ad will run through March 3 on FOX during episodes of 24 and American Idol; on CBS during Survivor; select NBA games on TNT and on national cable networks including USA, TBS, ESPN, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, BET, Comedy Central and MTV. Foote Cone & Belding, Chicago, created the spot for KFC. Consumers can also view the ad at

How cool! An interactive ad without the deep interactive technology of iTV or similar. And how refreshing it is to see a mass medium actually embrace and use the technology that may or may not be its demise: the DVR.

Kudos to KFC. Greater kudos to FCB, Chicago. It takes balls and chutzpah to convince a client that the consumer wants to engage with the brand and act on that engagement. This is the first step to an experiential marketing startegy. And now even the Old Guard is getting in on the action.

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