Thank you all for your heartfelt and kind wishes on the new arrival. It’s a beautiful thing.

Now check out this story, from MediaPost.


A survey called “Marketing 2006: 2006’s Timid Start” from Blackfriars Communications, posits that “execs’ dissatisfaction with existing marketing returns” has been cited as “a major cause for their reallocating budgets away from ‘traditional’ marketing techniques like advertising to ‘non-traditional’ approaches including ‘word of mouth, buzz marketing, and viral marketing.'”

According to the same report, those “non-traditional” approaches are expected to see a further increase in their share of overall marketing budgets over previous years. “At the end of fourth quarter 2004, non-traditional spending was 8 percent of the overall budget,” Howe recalled. “At the end of fourth quarter 2005 it was 14.5 percent–so it almost doubled in a year.”

Blackfriars projects a 13 percent increase in overall marketing spending in 2006; this absolute increase might mitigate the large percentage fall in traditional ad budgets somewhat, but the shift from traditional to non-traditional approaches is still ominous for old-school advertisers.

Hello, out there? Are we starting to write on the wall?

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