Celebrity culture is becoming obsessive. The rise of celbu-gossip and film-whoredom may be a subtle response to the lack of interest and/or engagement that people have with marketing. (But that’s a topic for another post.) We, as both consumers and humans, are becoming increasingly star-struck and pop culture savvy. See the previous post.


So it was no surprise to come across a page inside the site for Tic Tacs — yes, those noisy little mints in different colors. The page, found under the Fresh Entertainment portion of the site, lists all the films and TV shows that have featured Tic Tacs in the script.

In effect, it is a celebrity page for Tic Tacs…kind of like getting your own page on It’s an homage to product placement, and Tic Tac is proud of the legacy.

From Seinfeld (to combat The Sidler) and The Simpsons, to Chicken Little and Home Alone…by my count, Tic Tacs features in 34 movies and TV shows.


And Tic Tac wants us to know it. Cool for Tic Tacs. Even brands can get a little star-struck. Or do they have star ambition? Is Tic Tacs the Madonna of the mint world?

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