I usually don’t gush over many “generational” reports. You know the ones: they all purport to acquaint you with Gen X’ers, Y’ers, Oughties, Millenials, Nexus and whatever other moniker placed on a group of people who happen to grow up in the same zeitgeist of the world strictly because of their birthdates. It’s like demographical colonialism, the type of random boundary drawing from that makes regions like Africa and the Middle East so darn stable today. But I digress…

I am gushing over this one, written by Energy BBDO‘s director of planning Chip Walker, because it is the first I’ve read in a long time that makes me optimistic for the future of marketing.


It makes me nod my head in agreement to a global generation that is both ambivalent and willing to fight for causes. Yes, people! We finally got a hot-blooded generation ready to come at us. They are hungry for something new. They are mobilized like never before.

And if we feed them the same mind-numbing and imbecilic gaga that has been slopped around for 60 years, we are going to get our asses handed to us on a greasy hubcap.

This report, called GenWorld, is what experiential marketers should reference often. It echoes many of the things we have been reading in both the trades and mainstream press. This new generation coming up is different. The kids today are going to be very disruptive. They will be barrier-breaking and paradigm-staking. Let’s welcome them with open arms and hearty back-slaps.

Download GenWorld.pdf


  1. Thanks! Good one.

  2. thanks very much
    Great report

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